The GORILLA ROAR ENERGY logo was born from an idea in 2019.

I am a guy who has thought of transforming a much desired idea into a work project. The decisive input to undertake this project came when one evening in the gym during a workout, a friend of mine gave me a drawing with a gorilla biting a piston and a connecting road.

This drawing represents myself. 
"The gorilla represents strength, tenacity and the desire to socialize and share, while the piston and connecting road represent the great passion for the world of motorsports".

Even if the first draft of the design is a bit far from what my logo is now, I want to tell you my source of inspiration for the creation of the brand and the realization of the ENERGY DRINK with a unique and pleasant taste with graphics original.

For the production of the energy drink and for the screen printing of the can, I had the pleasure of collaborating with companies that, like me, believed in and supported the project.

Here because was born in 2021 the company GORILLA ROAR ENERGY.